Meet Kassi, the #1 Amazon International bestselling author of ”Our Very Greek Easter” & ”Our Very Greek Summer”.

Hello! I’m Dr Kassi Psifogeorgou or K.P. George, an author who wears two hats: one for unravelling the mysteries of the brain (as a science communicator!) and the other for spinning whimsical tales for young minds. Growing up in sunny Greece, I craved both adventure stories and scientific understanding, which fueled my love for both books and microscopes.

Autor image in Pelion Greece

From Lab Coats to Laughter:

While I now spend my days untangling the knots of complex scientific concepts for curious audiences, my first love remains weaving stories that spark imagination and laughter. My books, like “Our Very Greek Easter,” and ”Our Very Greek Summer”, draw on my childhood memories and cultural heritage, while others, like “Mr Pizza Makes Friends”, ”Landmarks On The Move”, and ”The Wicked Turnip in Christmas Foodland” tackle everyday challenges with a dash of humour and empathy.

My Why & My Dream:

I want my stories to be stepping stones for children to discover the beautiful world around them.

About Me in Bonus Bites:

  • Swapped the Aegean Sea for the Northumberland coast (Still building epic sandcastles!)
  • My last name might lead you to believe someone in my family ran for mayor 
  • PhD in Neuroscience – the brain is a captivating story waiting to be told
  • Cooking and music are my passports to exploring new cultures (and taste buds!)
  • Fueled by coffee and fueled by curiosity (in that order!)
  • A lifelong student, always learning and growing, just like my stories
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