Hi, I’m Kassi, the #1 Amazon International bestselling author of Our Very Greek Easter.

I was born in Athens and raised in Volos, a beautiful coastal city in Greece. A wonderful place to grow up, where I spent most of my childhood playing outside and swimming in the sea with my friends. If I had to describe myself in three words, I’d say writing, creativity and curiosity.

The Story behind my Stories

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been scribbling ideas for short stories. For years I worked in laboratories and as a science writer, coming up with imaginative stories to teach my students.

Fast-forward to the birth of my children, I was once again inspired to put the pen to paper.

Operation Befriend Mr Pizza!

The idea drew from my experience of working in a corporate environment. Seeing that many adults struggle to fit into the boxes laid down by outdated management paradigms, I wrote a humorous story that will speak to young children who work up the nerves to open up and make friends at school. That’s how ‘Operation Befriend Mr Pizza!’ was born.

The Wicked Turnip in Christmas Foodland

In today’s demanding world, it’s critical that you love and take care of yourself. As a Neuroscientist, I believe that acceptance and forgiveness can produce strong and enduring beneficial effects on well-being. That’s the idea behind my second book, ‘The wicked Turnip in Christmas Foodland’ in the Foodland series. 

Our Very Greek Easter

I recently wrote a book about the Greek Orthodox Easter based on my childhood memories. It was important to me to create a story on our culture’s traditions that my kids and those who love Greece could get their hands on, learn and enjoy. I’m honoured to say that I became Amazon’s #1 International Best-selling children’s Author within 3 days of publishing.

My Beautiful Now

Improving the world takes one step at a time. For me, children hold the key to that. Using open communication, they’re honest and constantly building trust with each other; I can’t think of a better example. Our children will improve our society as many generations have before. My goal is to inspire more young people to cultivate a resilient mindset, raise awareness about important issues, and engage more kids with the fascinating world of science. 

My children have become my biggest source of inspiration and also my strongest supporters. Through writing, I bring my passions together. And, happily, I have been getting some great reviews along the way.

Fun facts

I live in Northumberland with my family.

I’m the older sister.

My last name means vote for George. Perhaps an ancestor of mine was running for mayor!

I got a PhD in Neuroscience.

I believe that music and cooking are wonderful ways of exploring new cultures.

I’m a HUGE fan of breakfast and morning coffee.

Forever a student of life!

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