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Empowering kids means that you give them the same privileges as adults by listening to them and nurturing their thoughts. It means allowing them to become who they want without judgement.

I love sharing my author’s journey and creativity with others. At the heart of my work lies the power of self-expression and courage to connect, grow and change.

Do you know a school that would benefit from an author visit? Then get in touch!

School Visits

Celebrating you for who you are

How can we encourage children to honour their own uniqueness and potential while helping them practice acceptance, respect, and empathy, too? Author Kassi Psifogeorgou will share her author’s journey and the inspiration behind Mr Pizza Makes Friends. She will provide teachers with creative ideas for bringing the book’s themes to the heart of their students and classroom.

The power of forgiveness

How can we encourage kids to show compassion, forgive, learn to accept change and help those in need? Author Kassi Psifogeorgou will share her inspiration behind The Wicked Turnip in Christmas Foodland, a book that honours and celebrates the power of courage, affirming how bravery can show up in all different ways— even in the quiet choices — when fuelled by the wisdom of the heart. 

Learn about different cultures

Our Very Greek Easter is an educational resource to learn about the history of Greek Orthodox Easter as an important religious holiday in the most excellent way! Read about the beautiful traditions that still carry on and the delicious Greek meals planned for the special days!

Our Very Greek Summer is about the celebration of family and the joy we feel when we gather together! It’s a reminder that no matter where we are in the world, we can always maintain the traditions that define us as people.

Benefits of an Author School Visit

When authors come into your classroom, something truly magical happens. They become like superheroes for all of those who love to write or dream of becoming writers someday. With their captivating talks and interactive conversations, they show children how to unleash their own creativity. They offer valuable tips and tricks along the way, and that’s when the real magic begins.

Plus, reading aloud supercharges children’s language skills!
In fact, it can boost their language skills up to twice as fast as any other activity. But that’s not all. When you read aloud to your little ones, it’s not just about language; it’s about building strong connections too.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

xx, Kassi

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