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Our Very Greek Easter: Orthodox Easter

*** Tom’s family is flying to Greece for Easter to visit Yiayia, Papou and the rest of their extended family. He’s so excited to get acquainted with all the Greek traditions of the Holy Week. So, he writes a letter to his best friend describing what he and his brothers did every day, starting from Lazarus Saturday to Easter Sunday.***

What does Orthodox Easter look like? Our Very Greek Easter will take you on a journey through this gorgeously illustrated book and teach you about the Holy Week in Greek culture from a Christian perspective. You’ll read about the wonderful traditions that still carry on, as well as the delicious meals planned for these special days!

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Amazon’s Award-Winning

Our Very Greek Summer: and a Very Greek Baptism

***Alina and her mom have been invited to a baptism in Greece over the summer by their close friends, the Papadopoulos family.***

Get ready for an enchanting journey through this stunningly illustrated story, and read about world-famous Greek hospitality! Learn about a traditional Greek baptism, from the godparents’ important role to the celebratory feast and dancing called “gledi”.

This book is a keepsake gift that children can enjoy all over the world, focused on the Greek ‘philoxenia’ and the Greek Orthodox Baptism.

Our Very Greek Summer is aimed at children aged 7-12 years and is written in playful fonts. However, reading ability is very subjective; what will be right for one child won’t necessarily be right for another of the same age. The vocabulary is extensive, with many adverbs and adjectives and a rich telling. As children grow older, they can re-read the story, discover new meanings and enjoy it as much as the first time they read it. It may well be suitable for older children, depending on how enthusiastic they are about the theme.

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Landmarks on the move

What if all the grown-ups stayed glued to their phones and didn’t pay attention to the world around them?

Landmarks rebel because no one notices them anymore.

And who do you think still sees the magic in the world? Children, of course! They’re the ones who restore the world’s order, but only after teaching adults a lesson.

Together, they’ll remind us of the beauty surrounding us and the importance of family time. The landmarks couldn’t be happier!

* A funny rhyming story perfect for children from 5 years old, although younger and older kids can still appreciate the stunning illustrations.

* A valuable resource for teachers to make geography fun and address important issues.

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The Wicked Turnip in Christmas Foodland

*** Turnip is wicked and bitter without friends. Then, on a cold Christmas Eve, he decides to visit the festive Foodland to show his ways to the rest of the food. But can he really steal all that is good about Christmas? He doesn’t know about the past event that created a united community and brought magic into the realm. ? Find out as you follow along with Mr Pizza on his journey to transform Wicked Turnip just in time for the big Christmas celebration. ***

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Come and meet the wicked Turnip, Mr Pizza, Mrs Carrot and the triplets, Mayor Cauliflower, chief elf Delain, and their friends in this magical Christmas story in Foodland. Whichever is your favourite, these characters with huge personalities are sure to capture your little one’s imagination! 

With epic holiday illustrations that transform into a magical, twinkling scenery. This book is a keepsake gift that can be enjoyed by children all over the world. A heartwarming, page-turning adventure to snuggle up with this Holiday season!

The wicked Turnip in Christmas Foodland is aimed at children aged 6-10 years and is written in festive Christmas fonts.

 As a Neuroscientist, Dr Kassi Psifogeorgou supports that acceptance and forgiveness can produce strong and enduring beneficial effects on well-being.

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Mr Pizza Makes Friends

Discover the charming world of Foodland, where Mr Pizza learns the power of friendship and self-love.

***When the wicked Turnip starts picking on Mr Pizza, the poor guy begins to doubt himself and his ability to make friends. But the magical world of Foodland is full of compassionate food friends who are always there to lend a helping hand with a little touch of magic!***

This heartwarming tale is perfect for any child seeking the courage to make new friends at school. It teaches kids to embrace their uniqueness, persevere through challenges, and support their friends in being their best selves.

But there’s more! “Mr Pizza Makes Friends” also celebrates diversity and inclusivity, making it a relatable and meaningful story for children of all backgrounds. Through Mr Pizza’s journey, children will learn the importance of choosing friends wisely and surrounding themselves with positive influences.

Whether your child is a little shy about making friends or just in search of a fun and inspiring adventure, “Mr Pizza Makes Friends” is the perfect book to add to their collection.

This wonderful book is also perfect for teachers who want to teach important values like kindness, determination, and never giving up.

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The Wicked Turnip in Christmas Foodland – the rhyming story

Foodland is rocking around the Christmas tree, and every character you can think of is there. We’ve got Mr Pizza, Mrs Carrot with the triplets, Mayor Cauliflower and many more. Even Chief Elf Delain is making a special guest appearance all the way from the North Pole!

But wait, who’s that rolling in with a frown? It’s Turnip – sour, lonely, and ready to stir the pot. He thinks he’s going to teach Foodland a lesson, but little does he know, he’s the one in for a big, Christmassy surprise!

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