Our Very Greek Easter Wins Second Place at the 2022 International Purple Dragonfly Book Awards

We’re delighted to announce that our children’s book “Our Very Greek Easter” has won the Purple Dragonfly children’s book literary award in the cultural diversity category. The recognition came from the Story monsters book awards judges, who recognise outstanding Children’s Books! This heartwarming story was written by Dr Kassi Psifogeorgou and Illustrated by Laura Mocelin...

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May Day, the return of the spring

Although spring first comes in March when people begin to see buds on their trees, it begins to feel warmer a few weeks later, closer to Easter time. The first day of May is a day of celebration of spring for many countries in the northern hemisphere. This celebration has its roots in the pagan...

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A new Easter book on Greek culture

Our Very greek Easter * Tom’s family is flying to Greece for Easter to visit Yiayia, Papou and the rest of their extended family. He’s so excited to get acquainted with all the Greek traditions of the Holy Week. So, he writes a letter to his best friend describing what he and his brothers did...

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Happy International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day was born out of the struggle for women’s rights, which began in the early 20th century. It was a response to the fact that even though some women had made great strides, there was still a long way to go until equality between men and women could be achieved. The day aims...

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World Book Day and the Pleasure of Reading

On April 23, 1995, UNESCO established World Book Day to honour books and writers and to inspire young people to discover the joy of reading. The United Kingdom’s local celebration of World Book Day began in 1997, offering children a pound token to buy a book. The campaign is a huge success, with book sales...

Why Dreaming is the First Step to Success

Although society portrays successful people as being naturally gifted, nothing could be further from the truth. In reality, successful people have worked hard towards achieving their dreams and goals, no matter how much doubt they faced along the way. So don’t let fear get in your way – you can achieve anything you set your...

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First #happyfriday of 2022

And just like that, we’re welcoming the first Friday of the new year. Τhis year promises to be an important one for space exploration. The US is to return to the moon, intended to establish a lunar colony there in a few years. It is expected that China will complete its Tiangong space station. Εurope...

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