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Our Very Greek Easter


What does Orthodox Easter look like? Travel to Greece through this gorgeously illustrated book and learn about the Holy Week in Greek Culture from a Christian perspective. Read about the wonderful traditions that still carry on and the delicious Greek meals planned for the special days!

Our Very Greek Summer


A story about the celebration of family and the joy we feel when we gather together focused on Greek hospitality and the Greek Orthodox Baptism. Α reminder that no matter where we are in the world, we can always maintain the traditions that define us as people.

Landmarks On The Move

Eyes glued to screens, adults sleepwalk through life, oblivious to the world’s magic. Landmarks waltz around unnoticed. LANDMARKS, mind you!

Only children, with their sparkling eyes and uncontainable wonder, can see the mischief afoot. Can they restore order before reality unravels into a dizzying kaleidoscope? Get ready for a fantastical adventure where forgotten wonder rediscovers its voice.

Mr Pizza Makes Friends

Making friends can be as bumpy as a playground slide, right? Sometimes, you zoom too fast and land in a puddle of “oops.” But hey, that’s okay!

This story is your rocket fuel for braving new friendships, with all their giggles along the way. Discover how to celebrate your own awesome sparkle, conquer worries, and build bridges strong enough for any playground adventure. Bonus: perfect for snuggle-time heart-to-hearts with your little explorer!

The Wicked Turnip in Christmas Foodland

What if forgiveness and compassion become your secret weapons? This heartwarming story teaches kids the magic of turning stumbles into smiles, embracing change like a sparkling new adventure, and extending a helping hand to those in need.

Celebrate diversity, understand differences, and discover that sometimes, the bravest thing you can do is open your heart. Get ready for a journey filled with positive vibes, where kindness becomes the coolest superpower around.

The Wicked Turnip in Christmas Foodland – the rhyming story

Can a grumpy turnip teach us about true Christmas spirit? A wonderful Christmas rhyming story tailored for younger readers!
In Foodland, a whimsical world like no other, familiar food-themed characters all come together to create a holiday extravaganza that’s as sweet as candy canes and as cosy as a crackling fireplace.

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