• Why Dreaming is the First Step to Success

    Why Dreaming is the First Step to Success

    Although society portrays successful people as being naturally gifted, nothing could be further from the truth. In reality, successful people have worked hard towards achieving their dreams and goals, no matter how much doubt they faced along the way. So don’t let fear get in your way – you can achieve anything you set your…

  • First #happyfriday of 2022

    First #happyfriday of 2022

    And just like that, we’re welcoming the first Friday of the new year. Τhis year promises to be an important one for space exploration. The US is to return to the moon, intended to establish a lunar colony there in a few years. It is expected that China will complete its Tiangong space station. Εurope…

  • The Holiday season!

    The Holiday season!

    The season we all eagerly await, whatever our religious convictions. But why do we like Christmas? Well, for starters, it’s the season that brings loved ones together. We spend time with them around the festive table. Our memories and senses wake up, and we get more sensitive. We open up!There’s no guilt in eating, especially…

  • How Cool to be a Human!

    How Cool to be a Human!

    The story behind ‘Operation Befriend Mr Pizza!’ I worked in labs and as a scientific writer for years until I took a career break to raise my children.When I returned to the corporate world, I witnessed a dialogue I couldn’t help but relate to. “We should tell our recruiter that he should not suggest candidates…

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