Mr Pizza Makes Friends

Discover the charming world of Foodland, where Mr Pizza learns the power of friendship and self-love.

***When the wicked Turnip starts picking on Mr Pizza, the poor guy begins to doubt himself and his ability to make friends. But the magical world of Foodland is full of compassionate food friends who are always there to lend a helping hand with a little touch of magic!***

This heartwarming tale is perfect for any child seeking the courage to make new friends at school. It teaches kids to embrace their uniqueness, persevere through challenges, and support their friends in being their best selves.

But there’s more! “Mr Pizza Makes Friends” also celebrates diversity and inclusivity, making it a relatable and meaningful story for children of all backgrounds. Through Mr Pizza’s journey, children will learn the importance of choosing friends wisely and surrounding themselves with positive influences.

Whether your child is a little shy about making friends or just in search of a fun and inspiring adventure, “Mr Pizza Makes Friends” is the perfect book to add to their collection.

This wonderful book is also perfect for teachers who want to teach important values like kindness, determination, and never giving up.

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