children's book on Greek culture

Celebrate “Our Very Greek Summer” with Alina on a Royal Dragon Award-Winning Adventure!



Hooray! Our hearts are as bright as the Aegean sun because after the twice-awarded children’s book ”Our Very Greek Easter’,’ “Our Very Greek Summer” has soared to victory in the Cultural Diversity category of the Royal Dragonfly Book Awards!

This heartwarming tale whisks your child on a summer journey full of sunshine, family, and the joyful traditions of a Greek baptism.

Click here and get ready to dive into Alina’s whirlwind summer as they visit their beloved friends, the Papadopoulos family, in Greece. Laughter, adventures, and the warmth of genuine friendship await!

What to expect:
👉 A peek into Greek customs: Dive deep into the beauty of a traditional Greek baptism, from the godparents’ special role to the celebratory feast and the energetic dance known as “gledi.” Immerse yourselves in the world-famous Greek hospitality and learn about the rich tapestry of their culture.

👉 Celebrating family and unity: This story is a celebration of family bonds, the joy of togetherness, and the resilience of traditions that connect us no matter where we are in the world.

👉 A cherished keepsake: “Our Very Greek Summer” is a gift that keeps on giving, perfect for children 7-12 years old. Explore playful fonts, stunning illustrations, and a vocabulary that grows with your child, offering new discoveries and deeper meaning with each reread. ✨

Get your little adventurers to explore new horizons with Alina!