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World Book Day and the Pleasure of Reading

On April 23, 1995, UNESCO established World Book Day to honour books and writers and to inspire young people to discover the joy of reading.

The United Kingdom’s local celebration of World Book Day began in 1997, offering children a pound token to buy a book. The campaign is a huge success, with book sales from WBD growing year on year. Most other countries hold their celebrations in April.

One of the most important aspects of World Book Day festivities is the emphasis on social and shared experiences. That day the students are encouraged to discuss what they’re reading.  Dressing up a character from one of their favourite books is the most common method of promoting this action.

Why reading books is food for the mind and soul

Reading is an excellent way for people of all ages to relax, unwind, switch off and escape from the pressures of everyday life. It can help you enjoy time with your family and friends without the distractions of technology. It doesn’t require any special equipment or expensive subscriptions. You can pick up any book and start reading right away!

Apart from the obvious joy of reading a good book, there are many other benefits. It can improve vocabulary, understanding and spelling. It also helps develop imagination, creativity and critical thinking skills.

If you enjoy reading with your children, then you will have the ‘inside track’ to answer any questions they might have about the world around them. You will also discuss and explore topics together that they may not feel comfortable talking about with their friends or teachers at school. Children who read regularly can learn to talk about their emotions and understand other people’s feelings.

But there is a lot more!

  • Reading teaches you about other countries, religions and cultures.
  • Reading teaches you about history and the past.
  • Reading helps you learn about science and nature.
  • Reading is a beautiful way of understanding the world and learning new things. 

It is a LIFELONG PASSION that lasts forever!
When you read a book, it becomes part of your life forever – as long as you remember it!

In the words of G.R.R. Martin, ”A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies”.

So, happy reading!