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How Cool to be a Human!

The story behind ‘Operation Befriend Mr Pizza!’

I worked in labs and as a scientific writer for years until I took a career break to raise my children.
When I returned to the corporate world, I witnessed a dialogue I couldn’t help but relate to.

“We should tell our recruiter that he should not suggest candidates who have taken time off from their careers, regardless of the reason,” said the HR manager.

“I agree. Technology advances every three months, let alone every five years,” the manager replied.

I wondered. Is this right? Is it ethical? Like many others, the candidate also took leave to care for his children. In fact, I realised how many adults struggle to fit in the boxes set by modern society. But, we’re not just employees; we’re so much more.

A thought stuck in my head. How do I explain to my kids that the people who surround yourselves with, matter? The people you spend time with, your friends at school, and later your colleagues, matter. So I created Foodland, the fantasy world of sentient food. I wrote a humorous story that appeals to children who work up the nerves to open up and make friends at school. That’s how ‘Operation Befriend Mr Pizza!’ was born.

I hope you’ll enjoy the book. It took a lot of love to write it. It is an excellent addition to the reading corners of the primary/elementary school.

P.S. Don’t forget to get the goodies: lovely complimentary activity sheets for your little one.